Prudential Cup

.away to Ngongotaha reserve team
28th August 1999

A considerably depleted Plains Hotel Edgecumbe soccer team travelled to play Ngongotaha's second team in the Prudential Cup on Saturday. While the visitors were still expected to emerge the victors, they had to work to get the result.
Edgecumbe played good football for much of the first half. Rob Berghuis, playing his first game in two years, gave the team width on the right and this was used to advantage. The first goal came, after a peach of a ball from Keith Fraser found Darby Hawkes on the edge of the penalty area. He pushed a delicate ball through for striker Aaron Muggeridge, who slipped it past the keeper. Edgecumbe further extended the lead when Roger Hainsworth fed a good square ball to Fraser, who put away the resulting one-on-one with the keeper in good style. Ngongotaha did not lie down at any stage. Their tackles were strong and they kept their more illustrious visitors honest, and gave them a few bruises to take home. The score was 2 - 0 at half time.
In the second half Edgecumbe went close a number of times and the big Ngongotaha keeper managed to block quite a few shots.  However he couldn't get down to keep out a snap left foot drive from Darby Hawkes. with the scoreline reasonably comfortable, Edgecumbe's keeper Rhys Berghuis came out of goal to try to add to the goal tally. He had an enviable record to maintain, that of having scored every time he had played in the out field. However, his luck was not quite in. Berghuis, receiving a good pass from Barrie Hawkes, managed to beat the keeper, and hit the inside of the post, but the ball rolled back into the keeper's arms. The final score: Ngongotaha 0, Plains Hotel Edgecumbe 3.
The win puts Edgecumbe through to the semi-final of the Prudential Cup, but when that will be played is still being decided. Rob Berghuis was named player of the day. He added to the team pattern, and showed good skills and fitness despite his lay-off following knee surgery. Joel Ogilvy was a tower of strength throughout the game. His hard running meant he was usually in support, as a good midfielder should be, in attack and on defence. Keith Fraser had his usual hard-working game in the engine room, winning the ball and setting up play well. He came in for quite a bit of attention from his opposites, but it only served to make him more determined. Edgecumbe, without any further league fixtures, will now await the semi-final draw and hope it fits in with the increasing unavailability of players.

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