Plains Rangers player profile
Simon Ruiter
Nickname: Ruitie 

: striker / goalkeeper

Email address:
Previous Clubs: Been with Edgecumbe since I was a pup
Career highlight so far: Being part of a hugely social & enjoyable team. Every game is forgotten afterwards, so this year 2002 is a highlight.
Ambitions: Keep playing as long as I can keep up
Worst moment: Hurting my knee at a rep tournament and missing half of it.
Favourite players: Bas Overdevest... HAHAHAHA
Favourite teams: Te Aroha Saint Josephs Under 9 netball team
Interests outside of football: Cruizing in the scrub, fishing, R&R at the lakes, water skiing, wakeboarding
Message for the world: Make sure you're gonna luv your partner for eva before you get married
Anything else? Tim Lawrence's CD "Electric Puha" rulz!

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