Rhys Berghuis

Position: Goalkeeper

Nickname: Bergy or Rhys Lightning

Previous Clubs:Edgecumbe loyal

Career Highlights: Making the EBOPJFA rep sides three years in a row as a midfield player. Switching to goalkeeper and intimidating opposition. But most games are a highlight to me because I love the glory of an outstanding save.

Ambitions: To play to the best of my ability.
To get a full game as a striker.

Worst moments: getting injured: pulled knee ligaments, badly twisted ankle. Getting kicked in the face really sucked, and low blows can't be good!

Favourite Players: Peter Schmeichel (ex Man United), Alan Shearer, Ryan Giggs.

Favourite teams: Man United and Arsenal. I used to love Liverpool when I was younger (and they were good!)

Interests outside of football: Partying, listening to old Metallica and anything hard, meeting beautiful women, dreaming of fast cars and lots of money.

Viewpoint: "Well, I'd love to be filthy rich, so me and my family would never have money worries again. The legal drinking age should stay at 20 years old. Car registration costs too much. People on the dole should try to find a job and stop blaming the government. The OBR makes too much money and they should reward their patrons with 'happy hours' and half priced drinks. You should go to jail for drinking and driving, so no-one would do it. Marijuana should be legalised, but with harsh restrictions. Cops shouldn't stereotype people for the cars we drive... and this is supposed to be a soccer site, so I'll shut up now.
Take it easy - later 'gater."


Rhys's record: scoring a goal every time he has played in the out field!
Oh darn!
match report
Sept 4th '99

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