Plains Rangers Player Profile

Christian Wetting

Nickname: Wett

Previous clubs: Awakeri Juniors, Edgecumbe Juniors, Kawerau, Mt Maunganui, West Ham

Position: Keeper, Midfield

Career Highlight So Far: Getting a rejection letter from Man U

Ambitions: The double with Rangers! League and Builders Cup!

Worst moment: Bench warming!

Favourite Players: Cruyff, Van Basten, Gullit, Bergkamp, De Boer, Van Persie, Naniga '74 '78 Baby!

Favourite teams: Holland, Arsenal, Rangers

Interests outside of football: Drumming in the shed, Novice home brewer, walks on the beach and 'talking'.

Message for the World: "Every little bit helps" said the mosquito as he pissed in the sea!

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