Plains Rangers Player Profile

Barrie Hawkes

Nickname: Bazza, Grandad

Previous clubs: Invercargill United, SBHS, Northern, Eltham

Position: Defender, Midfield

Career Highlights So Far: Playing football with all my sons, seeing football grow in NZ, the lads at Rangers - old and young, seeing kids (boys and girls) come through to play senior football or Plains Rangers

Ambitions: To play a few more games (!)

Worst moment: Seeing Jeremy carted off with serious knee injuries

Favourite Players: Ryan Nelsen, Paul Ifill, George Best, Wynton Rufer

Favourite teams: Wellington Phoenix, Any team with Kiwis in it (e.g. West Ham)

Interests outside of football: Music, swimming in the surf

Message for the World: Football is life, the rest is just details (thanks Tim Tatham!)

Anything Else?: Oi Oi Rangers!