Plains Rangers President's Report 2017

2017 was a good season for Plains Rangers in some ways and a challenging year in other ways. Rangers had, as usual, a men's and a women's team. The women's team has now had seven seasons in the Bay League.
Rangers' men were again coached by Christian Wetting. The men were pushed up into BOP division one with several other division two teams. With a good sized squad and a strong start to the season, things looked promising, but it was difficult to have a consistent team with a quite a few players being only available for parts of the season. The floods early in the season also made life difficult. Rangers men were always competitive and quite often played some very nice football. It was good to see quite a few new players getting time on the pitch and adjusting to the demands of men's football.
The women's team was again coached by Michel Nillesen. Michel and Margaret were away for quite a bit of the season, so congratulations to the team and especially Ranee and Macca for maintaining the team and its enthusiasm. Rangers women were competitive in the lower split of the league and they put together some good football too.
Many thanks to our sponsors SLH Contracting and DB Plumbing. Chris Butler's company also cleaned the outside of the Events Centre, giving it an overdue facelift. Thanks Chris! We need to try and gather some more sponsors next season, to keep players' fees at a reasonable level.
We are grateful again to secretary/treasurer Margaret Nillesen for her excellent work, keeping our finances in good order.
A major emphasis this year came on developing the club of Plains Rangers in conjunction with the Events Centre. The Events Centre has struggled the last few years with a lack of new people on their committee and the workload involved. A brand new committee has just come into place and hopefully their new enthusiasm and organization will keep this excellent resource ticking along well. Christian has taken on an important role in the committee as booking person. We need to keep supporting the Events Centre as much as possible to see it remaining viable for us as our home base. The club nights that Christian and Katy organised were a lot of fun and great for building club spirit.
Congratulations to our coaches Christian & Michel and their support crews. A lot of people had a lot of fun through their hard work. All the best to Michel as he looks good in recovering to good health.

Highlights and Lowlights of the season:
Rangers men keeping the Sponsors Cup in the opening game of the season but grittily drawing at Whakatane.
The effects of the Edgecumbe Flood and then Cyclones Debbie and Cook: trees down, unplayable pitches, trainings postponed. It was like starting a new season after three weeks off.
A nice gesture from Tauranga City donating money towards the Edgecumbe Floods.
The amazing spirit that Sione showed in coming back from his health troubles to get right back into training and games. Also the generous spirit of the whole club in helping Sione and his family out.
Taupo players arguing with the ref enough to get him to change his mind about Richie's goal and disallow it.
Michel getting in trouble with the ref in the home game against Rotorua, then Margaret setting fire to the aftermatch food, the fire brigade arriving and all the players having to be ouside for the rest of the time.
Katy running the tuck shop as a fundraiser for the Events Centre at junior games and then carrying on to host the men's games.
A dramatic end to a men's game with Otumoetai. The whistle blew... Rangers thought it was for the Ot's striker being offside, Ot's thought it was for their striker scoring a goal to win the game, but the ref was signalling game over! A 1 – 1 draw!
The strange decision of the ref to deem our pitch unplayable for the women, the day after the men played on it, and even stranger Otumoetai being unable to play 30 minutes later in Whakatane.
The council being particularly useless in mowing our field this season.
The drama of Katikati having to come and beat Rangers men by 15 – 0 to win the title off Kawerau, who were on the sideline watching, and us holding them to 1 – 1 at half time, although we eventually lost 4 – 1.
The men's team having 22 available players for their last game of the season!!

Thanks everyone for their input..
Barrie Hawkes 28/10/2017

Plains Rangers Prize List 2017

Golden Boot Kiahli Ibbetson
Most Improved Saskia Keri
Young Player of the Year Gemma Stuckey
Most Promising Samantha Burr
Players' Player Mikaela Mathis
Sportsmanship Julie Reihana
Player of the Year Kiahli Ibbetson

Golden Boot Jordan Ogilvy
Young Player of the Year Levi Riri
Most Promising Husnul Gray
Players' Player Jason Pullar
Sportsmanship Sione Lotu
Player of the Year Petir Gray

Personality Chris Butler
Endeavour Katy Davidson