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George Elliot
Nickname: Hori

Position: left midfield / wing

Previous clubs: Edgecumbe Junior AFC, Edgecumbe, Edgecumbe, Edgecumbe

Career highlight so far: Playing for a team , that even when we are getting thrashed (hasn't happened for a while) we still enjoy the game, no moaning and groaning at each other.

Ambitions: To emulate Dave Lawrence and Barrie Hawkes and play in a soccer team with my two sons. The mind is willing, but I don't know if the body is!

Worst moments: Getting leg badly broken during a match. Having to carry injuries into a match.

Favourite player: Frank Bunce, age doesn't count.

Favourite team: The All Blacks!!

Interests outside of football:
Hunting, fishing, surfing, squash, tennis, water-skiing, computer games. (NOT GOLF!)

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