Plains Rangers 2 Whakatane Town 1

13 August 2011

Ref Andrew Lamberth, linesmen Jarrod Lamberth and Graham Moore supervise the fair play handshakes before kick off.
Right wing and Rangers captain Ben McPherson keeps the ball in play and looks back to player of the day Dylan Skins Arthur for support. Young centre back Ben Fretwell looks comfortable on the ball. He combined well with old fulla Bazza to keep things organised. The average age of this centre back pairing is 36!
Keeper Adam Mayor brings the ball out. Jimmy Krause had a great game in centre midfield. Here he is cutting inside a defender.
Nestor Rocha kept the Whakatane defence guessing with his runs. He's about to turn inside again and square it across goal. Even coach Aaron Muggerdige is impressed. Christian Wetting was in dominant form in the centre midfield. He has Jimmy and Ben in support as he forges ahead.
Wett hits the deck after one of many challenges with Ben Miller. Wett was penalised repeatedly for his efforts, but he survived to win the midfield battle. Here's Nestor retrieving the ball. Bazza and Skins do a double cross over in defence to thoroughly confuse the Whakatane striker.
Now Bazza is up in the Whakatane penalty area causing a nuisance. A Whakatane free kick. One of many.
Tom Davison charges through the Whakatane defence. Jimmy and Wetts are both in support. Wett takes them on again.
Tom puts a nicely weighted pass through for Jaiden to run onto. Now we're into the second half. Jaiden is taking on his defender Justin Nichols.
Jeff Krause had another grand game. Here he is controlling and shielding the ball at left back. His brother Jimmy looks to find Jaiden with a sweeping pass from the midfield.
Tom shows his style in switching the ball to the left. Bazza clears the ball up field. His young opponent bravely tries to block the clearance.
Many thanks to Ann-Marie for this fine set of photos.

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