Ngongotaha 2 Plains Rangers 1

30 July 2011

Rangers team line up for the CNS Cup quarter final at Ngongotaha:
Back row: Bazza, Adam, Jeff, Chris, Jimmy, Jaiden, Paul and Wetts
Front: Jords, Muggsy, Jono, Ben F, Ben M, Nestor and Tom.

Ref Paul Shakes has the teams line up and be civilized before the kick off. Chris is playing up fron today. Good vision here Chris.
Ben cuts back inside. Chris hopes he'll notice his run forward. Chris has got through the defence. Muggs - where are you going?
Jaiden on a rampaging run. He drew a great save from their keeper on one of these. Player of the day Jaiden takes his man on.
Jeff competes hard for the ball. He had a great battle with his opponent, who then played for the Fed team! Paul keeps an eye on things. Jaiden knows what close marking feels like too.
Jeff makes a break up the field. Jono takes a free kick. Great technique Jono.
Tom has some space in the midfield, not for long! Muggsy waits for a ball to feet. Free kick! Tom lines it up.
Muggs needs a rest, but luckily he kept an eye on the play. He got up quickly to score after Jaiden got the ball across. Well done Muggs, says Ben.
Wett has just punted the ball down field. Now it's the second half, Wett wins the ball and looks to set off with it! Jono has gone back to cover. Keep your eye on the play Jono!
Paul came on at half time and slotted into the backline.
Honestly, I didn't touch him ref!
Meanwhile, little Ben has gone to do battle up front.
Sanjay came on for Ngongy and proceeded to get in Rangers bad books with some awful tackles.Even his own team mates look worried! Jimmy worked hard in the midfield. Nestor had a sore ankle but still managed a few good runs.
Paul and Jono deal with another attack. Tom lays the ball off to Jordan.
Now Tom and Jimmy are back defending. Wett is alert. Paul is at it again!
Late in the game Bazza came on. He, Tom and Jaiden would like some revenge on Sanjay! Ngongy 2 Rangers 1. Stink.
Awesome photos though, thanks to our professional photographer.

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