Plains Rangers 1, Tauranga City 0

9th April 2011

Richie leaps through to steal the ball off the prone defender. Ben M is about to deliver the ball from the right. Cammy is saying 'don't mind me, I was off side anyway'.
Richie has plenty of defenders to worry about. Ref Michel is keeping a close eye on things. Scott is put through, but the keeper did well to block his shot.
Sam gets upended by his opponent. Scott in another tussle with the defence.
Jimmy lines up a left foot shot. Now it's the second half. Rangers have the lead. Ben Howe has been on attack but the defence have won it back.

Plains Rangers women 0 TCU 17

10th April 2011

Donna Bain receives the ball from her defenders. She has pressure on her straight away. Player of the day keeper Maria Puutu safely carries the ball to the edge of her area to clear it.
Half time, and the troops are having a well earned drink If the TCU strikers shoot from there, Maria can deal with it easily. Esther races across in case she plans to take it in closer.


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