Whakatane Town 1st Team 3, Plains Rangers 2

Sponsors' Challenge October 16th

The line up before kick off. Email Barrie if you want a bigger file size to print.
Jezza Hawkes, who had another strong game in centre defence, brings the ball out, watched by Whakatane's player coach Werner Rechsteiner. "Big Ben" McPherson is available and Jeff Krause is running to become available. Ben swings a corner over. This one didn't go straight into the net, but another one soon did! Wett is running to get on the back post.
Rangers centre midfield pairing Christian Wetting and "Little Ben" Fretwell did a fine job keeping their hosts honest. A typical Jason Pullar piece of control! Jason is from the Whakatane sponsors Pullar Builders. Last season he played for Rangers! Adam Barkla keps a close eye on him.
JP and Adam compete for the high ball. Pottsy can fly! His fellow striker Jimmy Krause waits nearby for the flick square. Ben swings in another cross, looking for the striker's run.
JP and Jimmy Krause tussle for the ball. Looks like Jimmy has won this one. It's half time. Jimmy leads the troops off.
Into the second half, Kyle Knight keeps Carwyn Evans out of the box. Once again, Jezza heads up field with the ball. He and his old man Bazza were Rangers centre back pairing.
Cameron Wills looks up to spot Ben's signal to put it up the wing. Now Jimmy is tangling with Terry Stilgo. Terry might have won this challenge.
Barrie "Bazza" Hawkes heads up the right flank, with Richie O'Regan coming to close him down. Look out Richie, he's about to cut back inside! The legendary Bas "Buzza" Overdevest comes on for the cramping up Little Ben, straight into his old haunt of centre midfield. He's looking for support. The nearest Rangers player is in the back line!
And it's all over. Many thanks to Zara Fowell for these awesome photos!


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