Katikati 4, Plains Rangers 1

CNS Cup final at Mt Maunganui Sept 18th

A good crowd was at Links Ave to watch the final, and Rangers had some good moments in the first half, but two sloppy goals showed the dominance Katikati had for the half. Here's Ben McPherson putting the Kati keeper under a bit of pressure. Cameron Wills tries to get a foot in.
Christian Wetting gets up high at a corner. Here he launches a long throw, and.... wait for it...
Cammy nearly puts it past the keeper. Jimmy Krause and Adam Barkla chase down a high ball.
Rangers on defence, despite playing with the wind.
Defending from the front.
It's a penalty. After John is shown a yellow card for bringing down their striker, he saves the pen and the rebound is blasted over. Is Rangers luck turning? No, although here's Jimmy on the attack again, but he's well marked by the defence.
Two nil down and into the second half. Jeff Krause looks up to pass it forward. Aaron Searle chases him. Wett charges up field. He'd better not pass to Finchy, he's the referee!
The view from the grandstand. Sub Ben Fretwell made a good impression. Here he's passing it wide to Jimmy. Now he's robbing a striker and is about to square it to Jono Whitaker.
Another penalty! Jono is spotted handling the ball as he slips in the penalty area. John can't save this one and the score is 4 - 0.
Super sub Bazza makes a late appearance and battles away. Rangers get a goal back through Ben Mc and Jimmy, and Bazza should have got a second after a good cross from Ben Mc.


More action photos?