Plains Rangers 4 (5), TCU 4 (4)

CNS Cup Semi final at Otumoetai

Ben takes an early free kick. Wetts, Jezza and Richie are lurking with intent.
Jimmy Krause (7) has sent Cammy through down the right wing.. Adam Barkla races to get into the middle.
There were plenty of willing contests. Wett has just tackled his opponent, with another one in the wake.
Wett wins a header, sending it towards Adam and Ben.
Young Jeff Krause did a good job at left back. Here he is about to win a header And here he is taking a shot as Rangers pressed in the second half.
Jezza was man of the match for Rangers. Here he is trying to compete for a header. Wett is likely to win the ball. Jimmy and Adam watch on, but little Ben runs through to try and receive.
What's Jezza doing up on the right wing putting in a cross??? He's the centre defender! That's more like it. Jezza and Jeff look after the dangerous Mark Lowrie.
Jono had a field day taking the ball up from right back. Here he's having to defend.
Adam 'Pottsy' Barkla runs to cut off a pass. Adam ran his arse off for 105 minutes. Here he is having a rest as the ball comes back from over the high wall again. Many thanks to the home ownders who gave it back if you asked politely!!
A Tauranga defender threads a pass past Wett. Another high ball.
Was it a goal or wasn't it?? The linesman said yes, so it was! Team photo before Rangers semifinal win. Click on it for a bigger version.


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