Plains Rangers 2 Te Puke 1

Many thanks to Liz for the cool photos.

The first half had plenty of good build ups but no goals. Here's Ben taking on his full back. Richie is given plenty of space in the penalty area.
Wett prepares to control the flick on. It wasn't meant for him! Bazza shields the ball from his opponent.
Wett chages up the field to set up another attack. Adam B moves off ahead, while Jimmy is to his right. Now it's the second half. Can we score a goal? Ben only has Jimmy to aim at for this free kick. Everyone else?
Now it's a corner. Cam runs to receive a short pass. Another free kick. Wett and Ben lay their plans. The wall and Giles the keeper await!
A slide rule pass from Wett to Richie.

Finally the ball nestles in the net. Yes! Actually, we're not sure if this was Ben's goal, Jimmy's goal or Ben's other goal. Ash Liz, the photographer, she probably knows!

Thanks Liz. Nice pics!


More action photos?