Tauranga City United 3, Plains Rangers 3

Many thanks to Liz for the great photos.

It's early in the game and Ben McPherson, with his new haircut, is giving their right back a challenge. Let's see, who has the shortest hair? Hmmm, who is the fastest in a race? No contest! Here's Ben taking the ball forward, Jimmy Krause ahead of him, Richie Nillesen coming up for the square ball.
TCU about to score, the cross came in and was well volleyed into the goal. Rangers - Jimmy and Richie - about to kick off again.
James Mitchell had his first run for the season. About time, you might be thinking! He passed the ball around well from the midfield, scored and hit the post. Not a bad start. Ben's giving the TCU centre back a hard time now. Ben scored a one-on-one for Rangers opening goal.
Jeff plays the ball up from left back. Ben on the charge again. This time Richie is ahead of him.
Goal time! James Mitchell tucks it away calmly. Here's James on the run. He has plenty of support.
The constant noise of aircraft made us realise what it must be like playing with 30,000 vuvuzelas blowing in the World Cup. Right winger Cam Wills cuts inside to feed his strikers.
Player of the day Christian Wetting is always a handful. This time he has two defenders to keep him quiet. They couldn't stop his powerful header though. Ref Ian Boult keeps a close eye on Wett and the TCU defender. Ian did a fine job in the middle.

It's half time. In the absence of Muggsy, Bazza and Wett talk up the approach for the second half. Richie is examining his knee which is starting to swell. Just like his and Wett's hearts, swelling with pride, after Holland got through to the World Cup semi finals this morning, beating Brazil 2 - 1.

Cool photos Liz!


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