Plains Rangers 5, Old Blues 1
Thanks Jacqui Johnston for the photos.

Chris gets a bit heated, but ref Finchy tells him to cool off. "Hang on I've got a text!" No Chris isn't really checking his cell phone during the game, he's deciding whether to pass the ball to Richie or Cam.
Not like Little Ben who on Wednesday night lost his cell phone out on the dark pitch, while we were having a training game. The Edgecumbe lights are never too good anyway, and one of the lights had blown, and it was a dark night, and the cell phone was black....
Jimmy Krause lays the ball off to player of the day Cameron Wills. Jimmy has a shot, but the keeper has his near post covered.
Finally Jimmy gets one past the keeper. He then went on to get a hat trick! Richie Nillesen in his first game for about two years, he has support coming up from Ben Fretwell (8) and Cam (5).


More action photos?