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Plains Rangers v Rotorua United White
Many thanks to Teresa McNab for the photos.
First game 9th May 09, second game 8th August 09

The two games between Rangers and Rotorua White were both physical contests. Jimmy has the better balance in this action. Bazza keeps the defender at bay while he strains to get to the ball.
Luke abuot to overhead kick. Stand back!! Eyes on the ball, but Jordan has his eyes on the break, hoping Bazza will get the flick on!
Rising well at a corner. Kyle takes the ball away, eyes up looking for the pass.
In the game at Rotorua, both sides promise to behave themselves for once. The home team have to provide the ref. However, the battle is back on. Get up you two!!
Chris chests the ball down well, turning it away from his opponent. Hmmmm. Don't kick him!
Jono gets outjumped this time. Jordan whips the ball away. Vince is ready to support.
The battle continues. This one looks sore!! Johnny Noblett gets up well to palm the ball away.
Kyle wins this challenge. A brave header keeps Rotorua out this time.
James and Jordan combine in attack. Bazza gets through for a shot at goal.
Kyle and Chris work together. Kyle was psyched up because Jono had given him a blood nose before kick off! Luke keeps an eye on his opponent. Don't let him turn!
Brendan "the Tank" in action He's shielding the ball well this time.



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