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November 14th 2009

Builders Challenge from 17 October

The teams and officials line up before the game. Jason Pullar, Rangers captain, is the sponsor of Whakatane!

NZ All Whites v Bahrain, some of the the Plains Rangers lads

Earlier in the day, the lds are on Queens Wharf, hanging out, watching the freestyle football and homeless football... TV reporters want an interview, then the boys are asked to do a chant..." I wanna know, have you ever seen Bahrain, score a goal, on a windy day..." Jezza, Bazza and Ash warming up.
Ash, Tara and Jezza on their way to the Back Bencher. At least Tara looks respectable, in her toga. There were some pretty crazy constumes for the "white out" that the White Noise (aka Yellow Fever) wanted.
Before the game, the 1982 All Whites did a lap of honour and whipped the crowd into a crescendo! Looking towards the White Noise section...
And now it's game on. NZ win 1 - 0 and we're off to the World Cup, again!


More action photos?