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September 12th 2009

Whakatane Town 0, Plains Rangers 0.

Whakatane were strong in the air defensively. Coach Muggsy said "Don't play it down the middle!" Keeper Jono Whitaker had a few anxious moments in the first half, but he was solid.
The ball is coming down Whakatane's left wing, but looks like Kirk and Bazza have it covered. Ref Giovanni Armenti and Joel Ogilvy are keeping an eye on the ball. Whakatane captain Lee Barton has more pressing matters.
Here's Chris Johnston running the ball at Lee. Joel and Grunter had a good battle in the centre midfield.
They're picking on you Lee. Now it's Johnny Noblett having a go. Muggsy lays down the plans for the second half. It would be nice if the boys would play to plan....
Dan reinforces the message. Johnny has now got the keeper's gear on. While the refs finish their cups of tea, Jordan talks over plans with Jono, or are they just saying how nicely Jono's hair matches Jordan's boots?!
Jimmy Krause keeps good control of the ball, under pressure from Gavin Rothwell. Looks like Bazza has cleared this corner away from harm.
It was always a willing battle. Here's Chris monstering one of the Whakatane defenders. It's all over. 0 - 0 !!! Ex-Whakatane player Jason Pullar gives ex-Rangers player George Dalgity a pat on the back.
A team shot of the Rangers boys before the game. Click here to see a larger version and names.


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