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July 25th 2009

Plains Rangers 5, Te Puke 2.

It was a good battle in the midfield, and Joel launched straight into it. Here he looks rather stunned by JP's efforts though! Bazza clears the ball up field.
JP demonstrates his commitment by crawling after the ball, or is he doing press ups!? Luke flies in to a solid tackle.
JP and Luke are battling away in the midfield. Bazza takes a throw, coaches Muggsy and Dan and sub Brandon watch the action from the "bench".
There were some sold tackles, but the game was played in good spirit. It's a goal! Jimmy Krause puts away his second straight after half time.
All the Rangers defenders are here: Vince thinking about a tackle from behind; Skins, moving in for the challenge; Barrie and Chris coming across to cover, and John is all prepared in goal. Chris Johnston made a good job of his first ever game in centre defence. Here he is tangling with a Te Puke attacker. Joel is ready to help if needed.

Yes, we scored again! Luke shows his joy in the usual way. In the background Brandon has a different approach!

Referee Gordon Campbell did a good job with the whistle.

Thanks for the photos Jacqui!


More action photos?