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May 30th 2009

Plains Rangers 1, Whakatane Town 1

Jordan and Bhima give the Whakatane defence a bit of trouble out on the left wing. Rangers forced a succession of corners in the first half. The defence got to this one easily enough.
Jimmy Mitchell on the break. James had a fine game in the midfield. Bhima is putting pressure on the Whakatane player of the day.
Jason surges up field with the ball. Close marking at another corner. JP looks likely to win this ball.
Skins found himself on the right wing. Kirk was Rangers player of the day. Is it another five press ups Kirk?
Just before Skins hit the bar with a header! Whakatane keeper Paul Shakes about to try and deal with a high ball. Jimmy in the thick of midfield action.
It's half time. The boys have done well, but Aaron is making sure they keep it up for the rest of the game. Jordan gets distracted by his cool orange boots. Ref James Crosswell calls Justin and Jono together and says he's had enough of their slanging match.
Kirk fights hard for possession. Who's this on the sideline? Rangers legends Buzza, Steve and Wett are enjoying the action.

So are Vince, Chris, Josh and Kyle. Superman has gotten distracted though. Maybe it's a call for help from the Events Centre!



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