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May 16th 2009

Visique Whakatane 2, Plains Rangers 3

Dan winds everybody up in the pre-match team talk. The refs toss coins with captains Jason Pullar and Chris Stanton.
The ritual handshake before hostilities commence. "Good luck!"
No, it's more like: "For the fouls I'm about to commit, I'm truly sorry, hmm, hmm"
A Rangers attack has Vince using his height to compete, while Bazza sneaks in at the far post.
Penalty! Player of the day Chris Johnston saves it easily. Meanwhile, at the other end, Jason has a goal disallowed for off side. You be the judge.... was he off?!!
Rangers win a penalty and Jason shows the Whakatane team how to put them away.
Muggsy races to get on the end of a free kick.
Vince shows he can race too. Rangers were commited to the cause. Here's Paul getting in a good block, while Brandon shapes to keep it out as well. Keep your arms down Brandon!
A beautifully timed run from Jordan Ogilvy to escape from Whakatane's player of the day defender. Kirk cops an elbow.
Jordan delights the Rangers fans with a well struck winner. He wheels away and Whakatane keeper Matt Anderson goes to pick the ball out of the net for the third time, well, fourth if JP's had counted!
The boys troop off the pitch, mostly too tired to talk, though Vince has plenty to say to Paul.
Yes, a win, was what everyone was thinking.
Thanks Ashley for the photos.


More action photos?