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April 25th 2009

Plains Rangers 1, Katikati United 5

Paul Inglis and the Katikati striker battle for possession. Mark Jeynes keeps an eye on things too. At least, he'll be thinking, they're going away from goal. Meanwhile, further up the field, Jason Pullar and a defender get ready to contest the ball. In the background the hard running Jordan Ogilvy is hoping for a flick on.
Keeper Chris Johnston launches a throw up field. Paul makes sure it doesn't get near his marker. Brandon Collier gave his fullback a tough day. Here he is flicking the ball past him.
Rangers have just been awarded a free kick. Kyle Knight and Dylan "Skins" Arthur are discussing what to do. "I reckon, just kick it," says Skins. Mark shows good technique, clearing the ball.
Midfield action. Jordan looks like lining up to head the ball, but Mark and Kyle have their men under control if he can't reach it. Brendon Oates is enjoying a run in the midfield too.


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