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September 27th 2008

Sponsors' Challenge
Pullar Builders Whakatane Town v Gary Fowell Builders Plains Rangers

The line-up before kickoff. Scroll down to see a bigger version. No Muggs was only pretending to be keeper! John Pullar and Gary Fowell shake hands, as do officials Colin Harrison and Dave Taylor (obscured). Assistant refs Neil McCready and Michel Nillesen, plus capatins Keith Fraser and Richard Nillesen are all part of the official proceedings.
In case, you couldn't see him, here's Kirk, all spiked up ready to play. Ref Taylor inspected Kirk's hair and allowed him to play as is. Christian Wetting demonstrates excellent technique for taking the high ball down. Don't get too close Brendan!!
Rangers launched some early attacks. Here's Caleb Hyndman (5) pleased to be playing again after half the season off. Brendan Mitchell cuts inside, watched by Richie and Bazza.
Scott Geddes in his last game for Rangers, launches a throw. Leah's watching on the sideline, who knows where Pete and Chris are looking! Wett sees a shot safely over the bar. Ben McPherson leaps high in hope.
In the second half, Kirk has gone off injured (no, his hair was still ok), so Muggsy is sweeper. Surely that's not Jason Pullar drinking on the sideline is it?! JP played the first half before exiting for refreshments. Barrie Hawkes doesn't let Carwyn Evans get his foot on this one. Carwyn had a golden day, netting all four goals for Whakatane. Some of the noisy Rangers supporters are in the background.
A second half free kick. Wett guards the goal, Bas Overdevest guards Richie O'Regan and Joel Ogilvy and Scott keep tabs on Paul Taylor. Simon Gowing on the attack for Rangers.
It was an entertaining end to the season.
Rangers from left to right: Marina Fowell, Gary Fowell, Luke Overworth, Kirk Bain, Barrie Hawkes, Jono Whitaker, Joel Ogilvy, Simon Gowing, Bas Overdevest, Caleb Hyndman, Richie Nillesen, Christian Wetting, Dylan Arthur, Scott Geddes, Jordan Ogilvy, Aaron Muggeridge.

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