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September 6th 2008

Plains Rangers 1, Katikati 2.

Bas is on the charge forward. Bazza shields the ball from the Katikati attacker. Dean is camouflaged among the trees!
Dan places a careful pass up the wing. Bazza doesn't appreciate being pinged for 'breathing' on his opponent.
Dean passes the ball through to the strikers. Here he takes the 'run it through them' approach.
The Katikati keeper was in top form. Here he is under pressure from Richie. Kirk in a race against a striker. Kirk will win it!
Scott manages to flatten his man and get the ball. Muggsy on the move.
Muggsy gets through a defender. Muggsy is brought down, PENALTY!
There were some good battles all over the park. Wett lays the ball off. "See Dan, follow through like this, keeping your weight behind the ball.."
Richie gets off the ground well. Scott brings the ball out of defence.
Nice photos Lara! Not too many of Scott this time!!

More action photos?