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July 5th 2008

AFC Fury 7, Plains Rangers 1.

Richie is about to clear the ball. If that's Wett beside him, who's that in goal? It's Scott. Wett was late arriving and Scott took up the gloves, for a while.
Richie and Dan try to put pressure on the league's top scorer Scott Pilcher, who eyes up a diagonal ball behind Mark.

Wett keeps a close eye on the striker. Rangers are in the Fury half, a fairly rare occurrence in the first half.
Football can be a dance form. Check out the synchronised movement and balance of Jimmy and his opponent! That's it Mark, get close, then give him a friendly nudge just as he's about to receive it. The ref is watching though....
Like the lion hearted midfielder that he is, Bas makes the run to get behind Dan and try to cut off the pass that is looming up.
This attitude earned Bas the ball to set up Muggsy for our consolation goal. The funny thing was that Muggsy could only walk by that stage (our sub used up) and he somehow beat their centre back to the ball to score.

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