Skip's Gallery Edgecumbe home to Rotorua City 5th Aug 2000
Bas has Steve Sutton sucked in, as he prepares to flick the ball down the line Wett on the charge. Cameron makes tracks to get into a good receiving position.
Ref Warren Silva notes 1 - 0 in his book. Bazza is probably still saying "But he was off-side ref!" Sjoerd battles hard for the ball as Chad, finchy, Wet and two City players all take a keen interest.
Player of the day shows he has the delicate touch as well. Hori on the chase in his favoured left midfield position.
Warren says "Yes it's going your way!" Keith and Wett's appeals have had their effect. Chad clears his lines as 'Bollocks' walks away in disgust.
Sjoerd about to perform a typically strong shielding of the ball move. Cameron is ready to assist if necessary! Wett has got up to flick on a goal kick. Not many get the better of him in the air.
Sjoerd is past the tackle and away down the right. Keith holds centre midfield while Wett moves up the field.  

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