May 31 2008

Plains Rangers 6, Opotiki 1.

Simon Gowing, having already put away a header, cuts in from the left wing to blast a shot that the Opotiki keeper could only block. Caleb Hyndman followed in to score. The Opotiki keeper had a busy afternoon. Here he gets his body well in behind the ball. The photographer from the Whakatane Beacon is ready for any action.
It's pretty tight in the Opotiki defence on this occasion. Caleb turns to head the ball left, while Dylan 'Skins' Arthur tries to lead his marker in the wrong direction! Here's Caleb later in the game having his defender on, as usual.
Wett has a massive throw. Here he shows off his technique. Look at the well balanced follow through. Referee Ian Finch used to be Rangers player-coach. Here he is keeping an eye on Opotiki's youngest player.
In the second half Rangers put together numerous attacks. Far right is Rangers' youngest, 15 year old Luke Overworth, who delighted himself and his team mates with a well taken goal. Buzza's back!! Bas Overdevest, having been busy leading his team of kiwifruit pickers for the past weeks, was back in centre midfield. Here two opponents duck for cover as Buzza wins a midfield header.
The Opotiki keeper waits for a Rangers free kick to be taken. Assistant ref Norm Howe is in position to see if it crosses the line. This one didn't, but Dean Butterworth did find a way through the wall soon after. Photos thanks to Jeremy Hawkes, who hobbled around on his crutches to take these.


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