April 5 2008

Rotorua United 1, Plains Rangers 2.

Photographer: Francis Wetting.

Richie puts the ball through for Caleb to charge after. Note the clouds of dirt rising from the ground. Rotorua needs rain!! Jimi Mitchell has just volleyed this shot onto the woodwork.
A Rangers corner, Jeremy looks to be lining up a header at the far post. A rare bit of defending, Kirk gets his attacker to turn away from goal.
A Rotorua defender clears his lines. Simon Gowing had heaps of space down the right wing.
Jimi looks in command up front. Ref Martin Huang did a good job in the middle. Wett keeps everyone focused at half time.
All eyes on the ball.... but where is it? Jono chests the ball down.
Jono has plenty of options for his pass. Josh shoots! The defender is into self preservation!
Youngster Luke Overworth came on and battled away well A Rotorua defender heads the ball away, with Caleb running through just in case...
Skins got a run and put in his usual energetic performance. Not much wind resistance from his sleek haircut! Wett sends out the message... stay away from my goal!



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