29 Sept 2007

Whakatane 1sts 1 Plains Rangers 1
Sponsors' Challenge
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Photographer Jodi Pitkin - thanks Jodi.

It was a memorable weekend. Here are the refs before the sponsors challenge. Norm Howe, Michel Nillesen, Vince Theunissen. Muggsy battles away up front, keeping the ball from Richie O'Regan.
Mark Jeynes was happy to have a Saturday off to play football. He did well in defence. Bazza has taken the ball round Joseph Cairns and Deano tries to stop the run.
Jezza had a good battle with Hayden Marrow all day. The look!
Jerm wins a header against his old mate Shem Clarke. Another ex Trident team mate James Mitchell watches on. Wett came out of his area to beat Carwyn to the ball. Bazza and Kirk aren't too worried, they have Wett covered anyway!
Wett showed how he is such a hard keeper to beat with a commanding performance. Bas and Shem battle in the air.
Ref Michel Nillesen watched Dan Baxter and Shem contest the ball. Is Richie doing stretches in the background?! James had a good first game of football for the season! He was back from his usual cricket season in England.
Kirk moves to block Richie's shot. Wett leaves Carwyn back on the ground.

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