21 July 2007

Plains Rangers 0 Papamoa 1

Here are the boys in their new strip. Very nice, boys! Where are Muggsy and Kirk? Now get out there and play well!
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The defence have a friendly chat, with Steve rubbing his hands together at the thought of playing sweeper. Mark is enjoying his last outing before calving takes over.
Now the smile is off the Rangers' faces. Papabloodymoa are leading 1 - 0 after 30 seconds. Here's the front view of the new strip, courtesy of Bazza and Ben. Here's Ben's back view.
Coddsy, aka Josh Van Veen, has just collided head on with the Paps keeper. Coddsy got a yellow card for his trouble. Bazza gets the ball upfield despite the close attentions of his opponent.
Ref Vince Theunissen is not impressed with this Papamoa challenge. Richie's dodgy ankle survives that one. Player of the day Simon Gowing tangles with the Papamoa defence.


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