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30 June 2007

Te Puke 0 Plains Rangers 0
Qaurter final Tasman Cup
Te Puke won penalties 5 - 4

In the first half Rangers worked hard to contain their hosts. Bas and Macca had a good hard battle. Up front Jezza caused problems, here's Bruce clearing from his path.
Dan Logan might not have played for ages, but his class was there for all to see. Receiving the ball, no problem. Steve gave no quarter to his opponents. Let him go Steve!
The ref was impressed with Steve's play as well! Kirk is about to take the ball round his man.
The Te Puke keeper grabs the ball ahead of Jezza. Rangers defend in numbers when they have to.
Into the second half, Lee gets up for a spot of ballet with Mark. Dan Logan heads the ball on, can anyone get to the flick?
Jezza gets back from striker to do a spot of defending as well. Macca has just missed a glorious chance. He knows it, but his team mates and some Rangers supporters remind him anyway!
Rangers keeper extraordinaire, Christian Wetting was in commanding form. Don't get in his way when he's coming for the ball! Even when Te Puke got right through, they couldn't get the ball past him.
No, it wasn't a penalty! Steve fouled him "just" outside the box!! Here comes the free kick.
Muggsy limps off in extra time after doing an excellent job as sweeper. Jono races on and tries to win the game. His volley misses but he puts away his penalty. It's 0 - 0 after extra time. It's getting late and dark, hence the crap quality photos (that's Bazza's excuse anyway). The penalty shoot out is most players' nightmare.
Te Puke give Wett no chance with this penalty. Mark watches in hope, then horror, as his shot hits the post.
It's all over. A great game. 5 - 4 on penalties to Te Puke.

More action photos?