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9 June 2007

Plains Rangers 2 Otumoetai 0

Kirk turned up for the game with some scary spikes. Don't puncture the ball Kirk! No wonder the ball won't come down from the large cabbage tree it ended up in! Here's Dan lining up a header. Thanks to our club based ref Chris Whitaker in the background. Both teams played the game in good spirit.
Jeremy worked hard up front. Here he is battling with an Otumoetai defender. Bazza strides up field, bringing the ball out from defence.
Jeremy tries hard to connect with a header from one of a number of corners in the first half. At half time, it's nil all. Now into the second half and Rangers are pressing forward. The keeper stands firm to deny Jeremy.
Bas wins most things in the air... and on the ground.
Another corner, Jeremy gets off the ground well but the ball passes through. Ben has heaps of options: Jeremy in front, Bas to the left and Josh Hyndman behind. Maybe he'll just take him on anyway!
Jeremy runs at the defence, he's gonna go......left....oops, sorry, .....right Kirk's spikes are flattening down after a number of headers. Player of the day Steve (15) and Barrie are ready to assist if needed.
Josh shows it's OK to play back, you don't have to always go forward. "Why didn't I think of that?" says Simon. Another header for Kirk. Yes, Kirk, the keeper is aiming for you deliberately.
A good square pass from Mark. There's good movement up front. Si passes the ball to Jerm, with Skins already heading for a gap.
Si shows you can just win with pace. Skins shows off his fancy back heels.
If the Otumoetai forwards get through, there's always the scary sight of Wett coming out of goal. He's not gonna dribble this one! Player of the day Steve Vierboom, defending hard.
Skins gives the Otumoetai keeper a fright. He's pretty quick! Plains Rangers 2, Otumoetai 0. Nice photos Richie!

More action photos?