26 May 2007

Plains Rangers 4 Old Blues 1

Rangers attacks were fluent, here's Simon Gowing racing up the wing with front runners Josh Van Veen and Jeremy Hawkes getting into useful positions. Dan Baxter is square if needed.
Meanwhile at the back things were pretty solid. Here are Muggsy, Jono Whitaker, Mark Jeynes, Bazza and Steve getting ready to repel an Old Blues challenge.
Simon has got round his marker, Richie Nillesen admires his balance.
Dan shows a nice outside of the foot touch to control the ball. Josh runs to get into a good attacking position behind hmi. Josh is away. His pace caused problems for the Old Blues defence all day. Ben, Simon and Jeremy are pretty quick too!
Mark gets ready to head a high ball clear. Muggsy comes across to cover, as a good sweeper should.
Richie bursting through the middle. Steve Vierboom decides which way to beat his opponent. Hmmm... on the outside this time?
Jeremy Hawkes, instant top scorer with hsi two goals in his debut as a striker, prepares to bring the ball down. Muggsy shows composure on the ball.

More action photos?