28 April 2007

Plains Rangers 0, Brazil... I mean Fury 2

In the first half we spent quite a bit of time defending. Here's Jeremy bringing the ball out of defence. Mark, Baz and Kirk are right there too. Baz has a tight grip on the Brazilian he is marking, but Bas and Mark are running to assist anyway.
Jeremy makes his man go wide. Jeremy will need his long throw to find Richie, who is trying to see into the sun, with the distraction of his food poisoned stomach not helping. He had to go off after 3o minutes.
The action is so quick, its blurred. Hang on, maybe Jesse just moved the camera! Richie looks to have loads of space ahead of him.
Baz, Wett did say man-to-man marking, but superglue is going a bit far!


More action photos?