21 January 2007

Bazza's pics of NZ Knights 2 Perth Glory 0

Party time at North Harbour Stadium. Ash and Jeremy turn up in their piupiu to add some Kiwi flavour to the crowd Bloc Five make a good job of singing and chanting through the match. "Buncildinho!" "Now there are two Chinese Geezers" "Malik Buari, na na na na na..."
Even Michael White was lured up to join the Bloc, "We love you Michael, because you've got red hair...." After the game, Noah has already given his shirt to a fan, but wait, there's more.....
Dean Gordon comes back out to acknowledge the fans. Jonti Richter signs for the fans. Hopefully all the players will get to sign for the Knights again for next season.. There's more to come from Jonti too.....
Super striker Malik Buari Skipper Darren Bazeley
Who's this at the top of the tunnel?? Yes its Jerm and Ash. Pukana Now they're chanting to Noah, "Noah give us your shorts..." and he steps out of them, throws them and and runs off to the changing rooms. Not to be outdone, so does Jonti!!
Ash and Jerm try them on. Strangely enough, they fit!  


More action photos?