21 October 2006

Plains Rangers Prize Giving

Here's coach Brendon Cusack announcing the next award, to the obvious amusement of captain Richie Nillesen. Bas Overdevest receives the trophy for players' player of the year. Bas also hosted the prize giving, with his well set-up house and kiwifruit orchard an admirable venue. The pitch for the backyard cricket wasn't too bad either.
Golden Boot award time. Everyone knew who was getting it, but Cusack went right throught the goals tallies for the season, starting with Mark Jeynes (in green) on minus two! Jason Pullar congratulates Mark! Aaron Muggeridge receives the trophy and ball for Golden Boot.
Richie holds up the trophy for Most Promising Player before handing it over to Dylan "Skins" Arthur. He then gives Skins a congratulatory hugs, while Cusack takes the chance to live up to his tee-shirt.
Mark Jeynes earned the Endeavour award. Harley de Lacy's excellent season saw him named Player of the Year. Richie has kindly gone around and got donations to fill up the new cup (donated by Cusack) for Harley to 'enjoy'.


More action photos?