30 September 2006

Sponsors Challenge

Whakatane 1sts v Plains Rangers

Here are the teams and sponsors lined up before the game. Click on the photo for a bigger version. Have a look at Pete Sheather's great action shots below.
In the first half Whakatane piled on the pressure. Here's an early corner. Jeremy tries to block a strong PT header.
Rangers player of the day Simon Gowing also trying to block a pass. Jeremy tries his mesmeriszing ball skills on his Chilean opponent. Where's Deano going?
Jamie Beharry attacking down the left wing. JP will get him! Jamie attacking down the right wing, with Simon giving chase.
Here comes the high ball. Carwyn gets up early to try and head Bazza off. JP reckons it'll go over both of them. More incoming! Mark Jeynes and Richie O'Regan line it up while Bazza changes course to support Mark.
Bazza and Skins have Shem surrounded. It's the second half now. Kirk and his opponent have cancelled each other out.
Shem leaves his mate Jeremy to do the chasing. Heads up Bas and Richie go for the ball. Bazza does his stunned mullet routine.
In the second half Harley had to drop back to be sweeper, a job he did so well last season, after JP went off. Here he is making sure Matt Anderson doesn't get the ball. Nice photo Pete! Oops, a first half pic. Bazza drives forward. Deano make himself some space to receive. Harley's free too.
Tight marking. Steve thinks about grabbing Carwyn's shirt, while Chris Owen escapes the attentions of Simon and Bazza.
Rangers on attack. Bazza makes sure his opponent won't get to the ball any time soon. Keith Fraser shows some interest. Rangers goalscorer Hamiora Awhimate moves forward to receive a pass out of defence.
After the match, the formalities. From left Gavin Rothwell (Whakatane coach), Brendon Cusack (Rangers coach), Gary Fowell (Rangers sponsor), John Pullar (Whakatane sponsor) John Pullar congratulates the teams. Note the specially made Rangers banner hanging behind him - blue with the Dutch orange still in there.
Ex-Rangers Matt Ward admires the brand new trophy before he drinks out of it. Shem Clark looks impressed as well. Another ex-Rangers player Keith Fraser looks like he's already drunk out of the trophy a few times!


More action photos?