16 September 2006

AFC Fury 3 Rangers 2
Steve's Gallery

The first 15 minutes Fury used the wind to pin Rangers back. Here's hard working captain Richie whipping in to turn the ball away. Bazza is ready in case anything goes wrong. Skins takes his man marking duties seriously. This attempted waltz with his Somalian opponent is taking it a bit far. Check out Richie's windblown hairdo. Some hair salons would charge hundreds for that effect.
Bas is caught up in the willing midfield battle. Simon tries to distract the Fury player. Muggsy and his marker watch a wind assisted clearance which pins Rangers back
Coach Cusack is giving some advice for the second half. From left those paying various degrees of attention are: Richie, Simon, Harley, Jono, Bazza, Skins, Jerm, JP and Kirk. Cusack is warning that the match officials might have missed the fact that some Fury players weren't wearing shin pads, but they were threatening to measure the length of Rangers shorts!  


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