29 April 2006

Te Puke 2, Rangers 3

The new sponsor's name was proudly on display for the first time on Rangers shirts Muggsy (13) lays the ball back to Richie Nillesen. Perhaps his number was unlucky, as he was subbed off midway through the first half after getting a kick in the ankle.
Simon Gowing is closely marked with all eyes on the ball, out of shot. Player of the day Mark Jeynes did his marking job well in the centre of defence.
"What the hell are you defenders doing?" Harley and Muggsy wonder. Dylan "Skins" Arthur on the burst, with defenders Kirk, Mark and Bazza moving up together as a unit in behind.
It's a corner. Has anyone spotted where the ball went?? Keeper Cody Hancox continues to improve with each outing. He did well in the slippery conditions and is earning a reputation for being fearless in one-on-one situations.


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