22 April 2006

Rangers 0, AFC Fury 8 (!)

Simon managed to play a whole game like this! By the end, the whole Rangers team were feeling a bit battered by the scoreline too. Fury's players were full of ball skills and tricks, the overhead flick being a favourite. Simon is 'watching' as best he can!
Dylan is available to help Simon get out of another tight spot. For once, Bas is unchallenged as he clears the ball upfield.
Rangers spent quite a bit of the time in their own half. Here are Simon (again!!), Jeremy, Bas and Jono getting ready to deal with another attack.

Into the second half, and Rangers lose Jeremy to a dislocated knee. Kirk and Bazza help him off the field, Harley watches with concern and coach Cusack is ushered on by ref Ian Boult with the ice packs.
Rangers play the last 30 min with ten men including the severely limping Muggsy and only concede one more goal.

Rangers did mount some attacks. Here the Fury keeper tips the ball out of Bas's range at a corner.
At the other end, everyone watches to see if Cody can keep this one out. He did!
Thanks Lucy for the photos.


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