10 September 2005

Kawerau Town 7, Rangers 1

Before the game everyone is looking organised, confident, and, dare I say it, handsome. Click here for a larger team photo. However, during the game, things were tough for Rangers.Here Matt Ward gets up high to head the ball away from Reece Edmonds. Kirk Bain looks on, in good position if Karl Storey makes a run.
Bas Overdevest and Doug Christensen had a good battle in the midfield. Doug's cleared this one. Mark Jeynes heads the ball towards Dan Logan. Watch out Dan, Aaron Storey is coming in behind you!
Harley deLacy does amazingly well to outjump Hamiora Awhimate and win the defensive header. Hami is about a foot taller than Harley! Dougie beats Bas to a header. Ref Steve Williams is close at hand. 7 - 1, one of Rangers worst ever hidings. Part of the reason is Rangers hadn't played for four weeks.


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