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Willy's Gallery

9 July 2005

Te Puke 0 Rangers 1

Bruce clears the Te Puke defence, JP and Willy Warbrick wait to see if he stuffs it up. While everyone else watches the ball Bas gives Lee a quick elbow!
That "youthful striker" Baz charges forward, his marker Peter waits to time his challenge. A second half corner somehow stays out of the Te Puke goal.
Chopper turns first to attack the ball. "Young Matt" is closely marked. JP says, "Do you need a hand, son?"
Race for the ball. Deano gives his opposite a head start. Matt about to turn away. Watch you don't get nailed from behind Matt!
It's all over. Ernst has scored a late winner. Dan shakes hands with refs Grant Webber and Barry Lusher. Simon has heaps of space. Obviously this was before the game ended!

Thanks Willy!

More action photos?