Plains Rangers v Taupo Lakers August 29 2020

Carl Imlig gets a foot in to try and tackle Taupo's speedy striker as he cuts inside. Elijah, Makem and Wetts all watch to see if he's successful. Hamish lines up a strike from just outside the box. All eyes on the ball.
Jamaal James is tightly marked (very) as he lays the ball off to Hamish. Jason JP Pullar had ninety minutes in the centre midfield. Here he shows how to protect your space. Arms out!
Jon Barnes's speed and decision making were important in the midfield battle. He takes the ball away, supported by player of the day Sam Christieson. Aaron Muggeridge receives the ball under close attention from Alan Lamb.
Phil Ballingall gets himself into good positions in front of goal, scoring after a nice move. Here he is battling with a Taupo defender. Sione Lotu lunges in to try and rob the ball. Hamish is just behind, ready to pounce on it. Photographer Bruce has managed to line up five players at once. Watching developments behind them are Jon and Matt.
Sione is a whole hearted player. Here is his attempt to keep the ball in play. Taupo's defender doesn't think he's managed to! Christian Wetting gathers the ball in the Rangers goal.
Ben McPherson made a good impact on the park, showing his break from the game hasn't diminished his football ability. Player of the day Sam Christieson shields the ball from his opponent. Coach Wetts 'unleashed' Sammy and he lived up to the expectations!
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