Plains Rangers 2019

18/5 Carl carries the ball upfield. Carl again. Hus has been dropping back to win the ball, Ronan is dropping to receive, Jimmy and opponents await developments.
Sione receives this ball. This time, he didn't score. Our hat trick hero!
20/4/19 Wetts clears upfield at Rotorua Ben Burr tussles for the ball while Andy Willis hopes the ball might come his way.
Ben breaks free with the ball at his feet. 27/4/19 Jamaal James runs the ball up through the midfield. He has options to his left (Jimmy Hart) and right (Ben Burr).
Wetts beats everyone to the ball at a corner. Everyone watches, apart from Matt Dalgity who pretends it's not happening! Jimmy in the midfield battle. Jamaal and Petir Gray await the outcome. Look at the fashion accessories... Jimmy's brand new boots, Jamaal's gloves

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