Plains Rangers v HNK Auckland, 28 April 2018

The teams line up the shake hands with officials and each other. Rangers' captain Jason Pullar leads the line through. The report on the game is here.
HNK started out very strongly and must have wondered how they were going to score after keeper Wetts pulled off a couple of great saves.
Juan Propato and his opponent have just had an uncomfortable clash for the ball!
Rangers got into gear. Striker Petir Gray challenges the keeper for a cross, with Hamish Wilde lining it up if it gets past him.
Jaiden Ibbetson was in the thick of the action in the first half. Here he is helping to defend. The going got rather rough and referee Lindsay Druett from Hamilton had to take action
The HNK wall parts as Rangers take a free kick. Jaiden hit the crossbar form one of these attempts. Young midfielder Xavier Bain developed well in his play through the game. He has James Hart available to pass back to.
Xavier and Jordan were both using their speed to good effect. A free kick for the Auckland team.
Centre back Jason Pullar was always calm on the ball. The HNK keeper saves a header from Jordan.
Jordan had some good battles with the defenders in the first half. So did Xavier.
Xavier is working hard again. Petir looks to link up with his fellow front men.
Jason tries to cool Juan Propato down after the referee warns him for several fouls. Hamish Wilde walks away, it's not him getting talked to! The second half... HNK attack and draw the defenders out. Juan and and Ryan Elliot follow the man, while Jaiden tracks his man.
Player of the day Hamish worked hard in the midfield. The gazebos are up, the visitors' flag is waving, the crowd huddle together out of the weather. It was a great day, good football, teams that had never met before. Well done HNK on the 2 - 0 win. Good luck with the next round.

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