Taupo 3, Plains Rangers men 2
Plains Rangers women Taupo trip
5 and 12 August 2017

Rangers defend their goal. Jezza is marking the Taupo captain, who had a fair bit to say for himself.Everyone is marking up well. Bazza is sweeping. Defending into the sun. Husnul shades his eyes.
An attack. Jezza launches into an overhead kick. Chris did the same later, to score. Half time team talk.
Where are you off to Pete? Wetts is in good form, plucking the ball out of the sky....
and palming away a high shot. Team photo, rather a makeshift lineup: Carl, Samuel, Husnul, Wetts, Sione, Jimmy, Andy and Pete.
In front: Jezza, Jords, Pesalili, Chris, Ben and Bazza. Rose even managed to get in the back ground!
A handsome lot!. Click here to see a bigger version of the photo. Next weekend, the women are going to Taupo.... Rangers women get ready to leave Awakeri for their trip to Taupo. Check out the slogans on the cars, the costumes, the trouble brewing....
Safely in Taupo, they have already collected trophy! Mishka up to mischief! Shayna, Radhika, Emma, Ranee and Caitlin. In front: Jo, Macca, Sarah and Gemma. Mishka.
hashtag Love Taupo trips! Oi Oi Rangers!  

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