Plains Rangers v Taupo

3rd May 2003

Taupo 1, Rangers 3.

Thanks to Fay, our only supporter on a day when 9 men and a boy prevailed!!

First half, and 14 year old Jeremy Hawkes (9), our only front runner is dwarfed and out-numbered by the Taupo defence. Nick Jago is in support if you can get it Jeremy! Dan Logan (10) lines up a shot. Logan, with Jason Pullar, was a tower of strength in the centre midfield.
Here's Nick. He looks happy at half time. He should be too after scoring with an exquisite drive and providing the long throw for Dan to belt in. Lucky you stayed at that backpackers Nick! Nick had an outstanding game. This looks like a rugby passing move!! No one get ahead of the ball now! Brendan Cusack squares the ball across towards Dan and Nick.
Jaosn Shaw on the burst down the right wing. Big Jase had an excellent game. He hit the crossbar and then headed in the final goal. Dan Logan cuts back across the midfield as he weighs up his options.


More action photos?