Plains Rangers men 3, Ngongotaha 4
27th August 2016

Beautiful conditions... sunny, the Awakeri pitch at its best. Good luck everyone! Many thanks to Pete Olifiers for these cool photos.
Jamaal James battles past a Ngongy attacker to get awy up the right flank. He had several good runs and linked up well with Ben Sexton and Hamish Wilde.
Christian Wetting often takes opponents by surprise by launching forward from his goal area when there is a clear path ahead.
Petir Gray's skills often have him leaving opponents in his wake. Here he is holding his own against the Ngongy midfield general. Ref Michel Nillesen is keeping a close eye on things.
Goal!!! Sione Lotu bundles the ball past the keeper after a great free kick from Hamish.
Penalty ref!!!!? Jamaal gets pushed over in the area. No!
Hamish Wilde gets his head to the ball but it is cleared off the line.
Julian Reid heads off up field with the ball from left back. Pete Kirkbride holds his position.
Centre back Matt Dalgity keeps the pressure on the Ngongy striker.
Wetts makes a save in goal.
Levi Riri upends Sanjay in a tackle.
Hamish wins another header.
Bazza has come on into defence. Here he heads he ball up to Petir......
Petir beats his man and then passes it onto Sione.....
who scores!!!! Jordan congratulates him as he goes back to thank Petir for the pass.
Sione always keeps the defenders busy.
Bazza tackles an attacker.
The keeper keeps Sione out.
The wall is lined up, but a deflection takes the powerful freekick past Wett's hands. The winner!
Ben Sexton bursts past a defender. A draw would have fitted the game nicely, but no, it's a 4 - 3 loss. Bugger!

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