Plains Rangers men 1, Whakatane Town 0
Plains Rangers women 1, Invitation XI 0
20th August 2016

Rangers v Invitation XI. Janie Paling sprints forward. Tara Edwards clears the ball
Joe Ingle puts pressure on in the midfield. Macca Mathis has a good battle with the young players in the Invitation XI. In the background referee Matt Eveleens was assessed by Michel Nillesen and came out with a good report. Well done Matt!
Chris Butler helped out the young opposition and had a couple of runs forward. Tackle him Joe! Ranee is highly amused. Sarah Boyce kept the defence organised, securing a 1 - 0 win. Cassidy was the scorer.
Mishka Barry's young team formed the basis of the Invit team. Here she is helping them out against her own team. Now the men's game with Whakatane is on.There were plenty of competitive moments. Spot Julian Reid wrestling with Danny Smith as a free kick comes in. Ref Michel Nillesen is watching them closely.
Ex-Rangers player George Dalgity is closely marked by Jordan Ogilvy. George spoke very well at the aftermatch function, congratulating Rangers on their 25 years. Hamish Wilde blocks a cross from George, Ouch! Hamish did very well to last 90 minutes while still suffering from the flu.
Classy young midfielder Petir Gray threads a pass across to Sione Lotu, with ex-Rangers player Json Pullar trying to intercept it. Petir had already played 90 minutes for Edgecumbe College before hand and had yet another strong performance. Whakatane's well performed keeper gets up ahead of the challengers to claim a high ball.
Sione is pursued on his run towards the Whakatane goal. George Dalgity yells encouragement to his team. Richie Nillesen has taken the linesman's flag to assist his dad.
Tempers were most;y kpt under control. Ref Michel talks to a Whakatane player, while behind him Juan Propato keeps the fires warm as he has words with Jamaal James. Coach Muggsy gets the troops back on track at half time, demanding that the formation be more structured. Keeper Wetts encourages Hamish to keep his flu at bay for another 45 minutes!
Hamish sends in a long throw. Sione takes the ball wide, chased by two defenders. Hamish will be calling out in support.
The midfield was always well contested. Jules gets up to win a header.
Late in the game Petir gets through into the box but puts his shot just over the bar. Hamish sends the ball in to Ali Scott. He controls it down to his left foot and drives it goalwards from 20 metres (you can tell because of Bazza's fairly straight painted line!).
Gooooaaaalllll! Rangers rush to congratulate Ali. Whakatane troop back to halfway. Everyone is pretty exhausted at this stage. It's been a hot day, a fast game...
Wetts races up to give Ali a handshake / slap. Rangrs control the possession for the final minutes. Here's Petir passing the ball through for Hamish.
Game over! A 1 - 0 hard fought win. Both teams had put on a great display. Muggsy and Hamish celebrate. JP gives his old mate Muggsy a congratulatory hug.
Rangers line up for a team photo. Watch out for a better version of it, from Zach at Pitbull Photography coming soon. Oi Oi Rangers!

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